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Wizard Speakeasy Secretly Opens in London

The Blind Phoenix is by the makers of The Cauldron 

May 2, 2019 (London)— An underground, fantasy-themed molecular cocktail bar and art gallery has opened in East London, expanding the creative offering by The Magic of Things, the company behind The Cauldron Magical Experience.  This is the second venue in London by the studio, the focus of which is superior cocktails.

 The Blind Phoenix serves a range of signature molecular potions that showcase science-- the magic of our world.  The cocktails have been designed by The Magic of Things co-founder David Duckworth and team to excite, delight, and strike at the heart of the fantasy fandom in London.  

“Our potion menu is the product of a team of expert mixologists and fantasy geeks coming together to create a cocktail program that speaks to lovers of fantasy, science, and craft cocktails. We refined this menu at our flagship in Manhattan, and are incredibly excited to launch a product that London hasn’t yet seen.” remarked Duckworth.

 Notable creations include The Wizard of Menlo Park—a Thomas Edison-inspired ginger cocktail that shoots plumes of smoke into the air, The Ode to Mullica-- a bourbon and maple cocktail served in a smoking bell jar, The Blob-- an aloe and tequila cocktail with an expanding head, Serum of Loose Lips, a clear truth potion made from clarified milk, Aperol, and Peach. All drinks are made to be interactive and feature different effects-- fire, ice, smoke, spherification, expansion, color change, clarification, and even love.  The Cauldron’s love potion, Damiana’s Charm, uses Damiana-- a natural aphrodisiac as a sprinkled raspberry garnish.  The concept’s British roots are showcased in The Cauldron’s Stiff Tea-- Earl Grey, orange marmalade, and gin.

 Upon arrival to The Blind Phoenix, guests may open up a tab on their working magic wand to pour a range of drinks from its Time Machine, a steampunk wall of alcoholic wonderment that siphons classic drinks from all periods of history.  All wands are handmade in Ireland and contain The Magic of Things' proprietary technology, which is used throughout the speakeasy to bring the enchanted realm to life by controlling aspects of the venue.

 “We are challenging the way that adults interact with STEM and literature, and iterating upon engaging delivery of food and drink; it’s an industry ripe for disruption,” remarked The Magic of Things CEO and Co-founder Matthew Cortland.

Guests can reserve a booking for The Blind Phoenix at www.thenblindphoenix.com.